The best series about witches: list, description

TV series about witches: all the best TV shows in one place.

TV shows are a great way to relax and plunge into another, albeit a fantastic universe. Even the most interesting film goes on for several hours, but with the series it is possible to "completely immerse yourself" in the topic and a detailed analysis of the characters. Today we present an extended list of the best TV shows about witches, which are worth the time.


There are many legends and stories about the city of Salem that have historical confirmations and captivate people today. From the first instant, the viewer of the series about witches plunges into Puritan America of the 17th century, where the lawlessness of the authorities and the church triumphs. The plot focuses on a young couple in love who cannot legitimize the relationship, but succumbs to passion. The beloved is forcibly taken into the soldiers, and the charming young lady remains in an interesting position.

Strict Puritan laws do not give her hope for the future, but indignation and hatred boils inside. And she decides to turn to one of her friends, who had long since sold her soul to the Devil.

The series takes place in one breath, and after it remains a special aftertaste and a thirst to learn about the real story of Salem. And although the characters are invented, I really want to find their prototypes from the XVII century.

TV series Salem


Making a selection of TV series about witches, I remember the magnificent film of the 80s "Eastwick Witches" starring Jack Nicholson and the amazing witches Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer. Hollywood directors know the mood of their audience, and presented the world with the Eastwick series, based on the plot of the Eastwick witches.

This series is about witches, magic, female friendships and adventures. An ideal weekend series with a huge portion of ice cream in the company of friends.

The series Eastwick

Sleepy Hollow

Washington Irving wrote the Legend of Sleepy Hollow at the end of the century before last, and he probably dreamed that his creation, even after centuries, would provide food for the mind and fantasies of mankind. But he did not realize that Sleepy Hollow would be continued in the series of the same name, combining mysteries and legends of American history, witch rituals and canons of Catholicism.

The plot is tied to constable Ikabod Crane and his fate, his witch-wife and her coven, friends and his role as a Witness. History makes you think, take an interest in the history of the formation of the United States, and also makes many references to magic, occultism, Christianity and paranormal situations throughout the American continent, and sometimes on other continents. The series is about witches, higher powers and the theory of Masons in the formation of the United States.

The series about witches will be interesting to those who love the themes of magic, the mysteries of history, investigation, and the origin of terrible creatures.

The series Sleepy Hollow

Witches of the East End

The basis of the series about the witches from the East End was the romance of Melissa de la Cruz, about a family consisting of a mother and daughters who possess magic. The first series of the series reveals a picture with a small cozy town with an atmospheric house, and charming Joan, who teaches at school, and raised three beautiful daughters of beauties in splendid isolation. They survived a lot of troubles, but life settled down and became everyday.

And when everyone feels comfortable and relaxed, the past begins to overtake them. It was on the past of this four of witches that the plot of the series was tied up, which is distinguished by lightness, humor and is focused on a girl's audience.

East End Witch Series

13 witches

The series of witches from the director Sabina Mondestin binds the past and the present with strong knots. In the Middle Ages, 13 witch sisters lived, who were convicted of their activities and sent to the bonfires of the Holy Inquisition. Martyrdom gave rise to hatred in them and a desire to destroy all of humanity without exception.

And miraculously, the sisters come back today and fill the world with horror. Where everything will lead, you will find out at the end. The series is aimed at a mature audience and is filled with elements of horror.

TV series 13 witches

The Secret Circle

The series on witches Secret Circle is an ideal intriguing series for teenagers and lovers of light, relaxing, but at the same time with elements of the series mysticism. A picture of a small town opens before the viewer, and there is a feeling of tension from the first minute.

A group of teenagers with interest and distrust meets a girl who has arrived, who was born in this city, but lived far away from him. The girl does not even realize that next year will become the most interesting and difficult for her in her life, she will meet friends destined by fate itself, as well as her first love. And all this is closely intertwined with witchcraft, occultism and family secrets.

The series Secret Circle

Witches of Oz

A mini series about witches from the legendary work “The Wizard of OZ”, but here Dorothy lives in a different world, she is a writer and continues the work of her great-grandfather, regularly delighting people with amazing tales about Oz.

And the moment Dorothy least expects her fantasy world to open the curtain and seep into reality. It turns out wizards, witches, magic and sorcery are reality. And not just reality - all these unusual creatures seriously decided to change Dorothy's life. But the most intriguing - who is Dorothy herself, since she can come into contact with this world?

Oz Country Witches TV Series


At the beginning of the series about witches, the life of policeman Nick Burkhard, who grew up and works in Portland, opens. He has a favorite job, a bride and a beloved aunt, who replaced the deceased parents. But with the death of his aunt, a new world opens up before him, full of otherworldly creatures, and he finds himself in the very center of events.

As it turned out, his family has its roots in the ancient Grimm pedigree, the purpose of which is the fight against supernatural beings. Burkhard abandons the habitual strategy and teams up with humans and several creatures. The incredible adventures of the superman, the witch clan and creatures hold the attention of the viewer from the first to the last series. And despite the fact that the series has already been closed for several years, fans will be fed up with its renewal.

Series Grimm

American Horror Story

In this series about witches, werewolves, werewolves, and other wicked, completely separate stories are revealed, united solely by theme. This series is more like a collection of cycles than a single storyline. At the same time it looks "binge" and has earned a lot of positive feedback.

Teenagers with a weak mentality are not recommended to watch the American horror story. But for adults - the perfect video to tickle your nerves.

The series American horror story

Scary tales. Horror on the cheap

Another mind-blowing series about witches and supernatural. In the main role is the inimitable Eva Green, who, with her ode, gives a feeling of tension and hopelessness with a thin thread of hope. An exciting script, unique scenery, a luxurious play of actors.

The series will be interesting for both young viewers and experienced ones. The heroes of the darkest tales, in a way incomprehensible to the viewer, find themselves drawn into the common history during the Victorian era, and not even anywhere else, but in London itself! The tension in each series, and as soon as it seems that everything falls into place, as a new hero appears with a twisted storyline. What will end such a difficult turn in the life of Vanessa Ives, the witch, the medium and the soothsayer?

The series Scary Tales / Horror on the cheap

Sabrina is a teenage witch

This series about witches is ambiguous. There are fans of the series, but there are his ardent critics. Sabrina is a girl who grew up without parents in a house with three aunts and a lack of knowledge about her family. As it turned out, she is a half-blood witch, and her parents created an alliance between witches and people, for which they paid with their lives.

In order not to injure the child, the aunts decided on an unprecedented turn in life for witches - they bought a house among people and brought up Sabrina in complete ignorance of her witchcraft essence.

Now the girl will have to not only cope with her teenage difficulties and first love, but also with the development of her strength. Throughout the series, she makes thousands of mistakes, but her aunts are always on the alert, and are ready to help the growing witch.

The series Sabrina is a teenage witch

Witch discovery

In the series about witches “Opening of witches”, a world opens in which there are people living with full confidence that there are no magicians, no vampires, no demons. But they are, and they are a meter from ordinary life. But they are all hiding, and afraid to be discovered. Until the moment when one of them desired another.

Diana is a historian who does not know anything about her past. When you visit the library, she suddenly opens a strong gift of a witch, which scares her. At the same time, a hunt is immediately declared for it, or rather a book and the knowledge that it possesses, as most people think. She comes to the aid of a vampire, beautiful, sophisticated and charismatic Matthew. Where will the road lead for two young people who originally came from warring clans?

The series Opening Witches


The story of three sisters, a native witch with a difficult fate. This is not only a series about witches, but also about close girl friendship, about relationships and falling in love, about overcoming difficulties thanks to the support of the family. And while Charmed - an easy entertaining series that will give a lot of positive emotions.

TV series Charmed

Despite the fact that the series about witches was shot in the 90s, it is so popular until now that it was re-shot. Yes, it is modified, with a different cast, but the new version also looks no less interesting.

The series Charmed (2019)

Gloomy shadows

The classic American horror story, the beginning of which leads to the middle of the last century. In this series about witches and vampires, the real Gothic atmosphere is reflected and the viewer plunges headlong into the other world, which captures and horrifies at the same time.

Today, Dark Shadows is called a classic of the witch and vampiric serial genre, and is recommended to be seen at least once by those who consider themselves to be a connoisseur of this trend. In the center of the plot, the richest of this world, the nobleman Collins, part-time female sorcerer and master of breaking hearts. On one of his many adventures, he conquers the heart, and possesses the body of his maid, who dreams of a wedding, children and happiness.

But, as happens with witches, fate gives her another slap in the face, and Collins marries, but not her, but the rich woman, who is equal in status. And for complete indignation, the witch-maid also falls madly in love. The witch Angelica is beside herself with grief and decides on the most insidious revenge. Do you think she will be able to carry out her plan and what will it lead to?

The series Dark Shadows

Witch blade

Witches are not evil old women at all. Witches are among us, and they can be, like people, good and bad. For example, police Sarah is very sensitive to justice and will not tolerate its violation. In the Witch Blade series about witches, Sarah discovers an ancient bracelet weapon that becomes her weapon of retaliation. What awaits Sarah in her violent activity and who is she after that a police officer arresting villains, or a witch punishing villains?

The series The Witch's Blade


The eponymous series about witches illuminates the life story of Rachel, a woman who crossed the line and turned into an obsessed witch. Years later, a college opens in the house where the witch Rachel lived.

And despite the fact that the descendants abandoned their claims to the property and left the territory of the estate where Rachel lived forever, in fear for their destinies and souls, the little heiress Casey finds herself in the college and in the thick of things.

Gothic, horror, witchcraft and teenage issues make this series intriguing and exciting.

TV series Witch

Midnight Texas

A witch is not always a woman, and not always a witch. In a series about the witches of Midnight, Texas, nee medium Manfred Bernardo finds himself in a series of terrifying events that lead him to a remote village called the city. It seems worse to him, and it is impossible to imagine. But you need to sit out in safety.

Since childhood, Manfred sees the dead, and sometimes the most dexterous even inhabit him. This causes a lot of trouble, and so notorious boy who has one elderly grandmother from the family of a medium. But when he grows up, his grandmother dies, and he is left alone with his problems. No, the dead ghost granny regularly visits him.

And so he finds himself in Midnight, where everything seems to be too dull, and he would sit out the problems here, and again on the road. Yes, only this town is not as simple as it seems. There are vampires, and witches, and demons, and even a fallen angel hiding his power to be with his beloved male demon. The series is so catchy that after it everything seems bland.

Midnight Series Texas


The youth series The Vampire Diaries was so carried away by the viewer that the next one, the Ancients, was immediately born. In the center of the plot is a family of primordial vampires. They give birth to a small baby hybrid Hope, and according to the prophecy she has a unique destiny. It is Hope who becomes the main character of the series about the witches Legacy.

The series is addictive from the first shots, but in order to understand all the plot lines, it is recommended to look at the Vampire Diaries, the Ancients in advance, and only then, according to the chronology of the events of Heritage. Despite the fact that the last series of the cycle is dedicated to witches, the first two also contain witches, although they remain on secondary roles.

Series Legacy

Once upon a time, in a Fairytail

A fascinating family series about witches and wizarding worlds based on world famous fairy tales and legends. Here, in addition to the main characters associated with magic and consanguinity, you will meet almost all fairy-tale characters. Despite the fact that the plot is tied to fairy tales, the story is interesting for both children and adults.

The plot of history on Cinderella and the Prince, as well as their struggle with the evil queen. But very quickly they fade into the background, and in the center of the plot is an evil witch and her curse, which the whole fairy-tale world suffers in our time. And this is just the beginning!

The series Once Upon a Time

The witcher

The series about witches The Witcher is based on the novel of the same name. In the center of the plot is the witcher Geralt, who became a mutant and the first fighter against evil. But if everything is clear with evil spirits: you see evil - you destroy evil, then it is much more complicated with people. But the witcher is constantly faced with the fact that people can be much worse than hellish creatures.

The Witcher Series

And in conclusion, we suggest watching a video selection of TV shows about witches.

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