Larks of dough. Lark recipes from lean, yeast, shortbread, pastry, sweet and salty dough

Larks from the dough: when to cook, how to cook, whom to treat.

Slavic culture is unique and its roots go far into the abyss of centuries. Despite the imposed Christianity in ancient Russia, people managed to transfer their customs and pagan holidays to the new Christian culture.

Thus, creating a new round in Christian culture and customs. Even instead of the classic Easter curd, the Slavs continue to bake pagan cakes and consecrate them along with Easter.

Pastry larks

Another pagan rite that has been preserved from ancient festivities is the delicious apple larks from pastry, which are traditionally baked in the spring, when the Earth comes to life again, is covered with a green carpet, and birds fly from warm countries.

Dough Lark

When do larks of dough bake?

  • Traditionally, larks bake on a spring day. In Russia there was no single date for such a holiday, since the country extended to a third of the mainland and spring came at different times for each region
  • With the advent of Christianity (which did not tolerate arbitrariness, and sought to unite holidays in all its territories), it was decided to celebrate the arrival of spring on the day of the “forty martyrs” on March 9 according to the church calendar
  • Today this date is March 22nd, but despite this, in many villages they bake larks and go out with them to celebrate the arrival of birds and the first leaves on trees and bushes.
Peculiar Larks from Butter Dough

How to mold a lark from the dough?

There are many variations, as the preparation of dough, and the technology of sculpting spring butter birds.

Option 1

We cut off a small piece of butter dough, make a “sausage” of medium length from it and tie it into a knot. One tip will be the head, the other - the tail.

Sculpt the Larks: Option 1

We pull out the head as in the photo and form the beak. Flatten the tail and make a few cuts of “feathers”.

Sculpt the Larks: Option 1

The highlight of the 4-part mode and 2 pieces are inserted into the bird's head in place of the eye.

Sculpt the Larks: Option 1

Let’s go and bake.

Sculpt the Larks: Option 1

Option 2

Again, cut off a piece of dough and form a “sausage”. But this time we don’t knit the knots, we flatten one side, and on the second we stretch the “beak”.

Sculpt the Larks: Option 2

We make one deep cut on the tail and several small “feathers”. We bend the lower “wing” upwards as in the photo and insert the “eye” from the raisins.

Sculpt the Larks: Option 2

Let’s go and put in the oven. 5 minutes before cooking, grease with yolk or oil so that the lark is browned.

Sculpt the Larks: Option 2 Sculpt the Larks: Option 2

Option 3

We form the “sausage” again, but this time we make a loop as in the photo.

Sculpt the Larks: Option 3

From the loop we form the head and beak. We insert raisins eyes. We cut the tips, as in previous cases, into “feathers”. We bake.

Sculpt the Larks: Option 3

Option 4

Now we form two “sausages” and lay them crosswise as in the photo.

Sculpt the Larks: Option 4

The upper “sausage” is flattened at the edges and wings are formed. The lower "sausage" on one side is flattened into a tail, the second side - a head is formed. Pull a little and create a key. Insert the eyes.

Sculpt the Larks: Option 4

We cut the wings and tail, creating feathers. We bake.

Sculpt the Larks: Option 4

Cooking birds is a fascinating activity, be sure to call the children on it. Having prepared the birds, everyone needs to eat in the house, treat animals, and also give spring messengers to neighbors, friends, and just passers-by!

Sculpt the Larks: Option 4

Dough Larks in stages

It is customary to start preparing larks from lean dough at dawn. Preparing the dough:

  • 1 tbsp. warm water
  • 0.5 tbsp. flour
  • 3 tsp Sahara
  • 7 gr. Dry yeast

Pour dry ingredients, transfer, pour warm water and put in a warm place near the oven, heater, battery. Be sure to remove all drafts. We are waiting for the dough to increase several times.

Larks from dough lean
  • Add a little salt, sugar, vanilla, a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil and 2.5 tbsp. flour. Mix everything and pour it on the table
  • Knead to a dense, but not tight dough. It should stop sticking to your hands
  • Leave to fit. Covering for this time with linen cloth
  • Modern housewives are covered with cling film instead of cloth. Knead again and form the larks

Unleavened Lark

  • Dry yeast, a pinch of salt and sugar is stirred. Some warm water is added.
  • Let the yeast go
  • Add some more sugar, vanilla, vegetable oil and flour
  • 1/3 cup carrot juice is added to a glass of warm water
  • Knead a thick dough and let it come near the heat
Unleavened Lark
  • Knead the dough on the table and cut into strips 15 * 2 cm
  • Each strip is tied so that the bird’s head is on top
  • The other tip, crushed, cut into stripes
  • On the head we form a beak, insert the eyes from the pieces of raisins
  • Lark with oil, sprinkle with sugar and send to the oven, first come up, and then, increasing the temperature - bake

Butter Lark

It would not have been enough lean dough, and the soul reaches for delicious pastry rolls. Especially tasty larks with apples.

  • 15 gr fresh yeast put a spoonful of sugar and a teaspoon of salt
  • Dissolve. Add a glass of warm milk, mix and knead with flour
  • Let me go. Add 1/4 cup melted butter, 1 yolk, a little more flour (a total of 3-3.5 cups of flour will be needed) knead and let go
Butter Lark
  • Fashion larks to your taste and imagination
  • Insert raisins into the eyes, cover with strong tea leaves, let go and bake
  • If you decide to cook with apples, it is necessary to peel and finely grate it. Sprinkle with sugar
  • Then roll out the “sausage”, flatten it and put the filling inside
  • After that, blind like a pie and again give the appearance of a “sausage”
  • Further, the preparation of the bird is no different from the usual method

Yeast Larks

Yeast dough for spring larks is considered a classic option and came into everyday life as soon as yeast appeared instead of dough from hops. It is easy to say, if you follow the basic rules:

  1. All the time of cooking in the room is warm, closer to the state is hot. But in this case, in no case, do not put the dough on a slow fire or in the oven
  2. Lack of drafts, a sharp rush of fresh air (open door, window, etc.)
  3. It is also believed that yeast loves the silence and tranquility of the hostess.

Ingredients: For 1 kg of flour, you need 0.5 liters of milk, a pack (15 g) of dry yeast, 1 tbsp of sugar, 1 tsp of salt, butter 4 tbsp. spoons and 2 yolks.

  • First, part of the sugar is diluted with salt, yeast and warmed milk, a little flour is added and allowed to rise
  • The next batch with eggs, remaining sugar, butter and additives (vanillin, cinnamon optional)
  • Let it go, knead and blind the larks
Yeast Larks

Short pastry larks

They appeared relatively recently among those who intentionally refused yeast dough, but still love cookies and honor traditions.

Short pastry larks

So let's get started. Pour into a container:

  • 1 kg of flour
  • 30 gr yeast
  • 130 g butter
  • 1 cup milk
  • Half a glass of sugar
  • Egg 1 pc
  • 50 gr raisins
  • A pinch of salt

Knead the dough first in a bowl with half the flour. Then pour it onto the countertop and knead thoroughly with the remaining flour. We form larks and send to bake.

5 minutes before cooking, grease with yolk and sprinkle with sugar.

Salted Dough Larks

How to cook puff in our video.

Salted Dough Larks

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Roll out the prepared dough, but not “sausage”, with a layer 3 cm wide, 15 cm long and form a lark, as in previous cases. Grease with sugar syrup on top and sprinkle with sugar.

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